Monday, 1 December 2014

Always read the small print

There are several bits of important 'kit' in my pdf 'briefcase', one of the most important things are the insurers plan features documents that I send out with every client report to show the client what each insurer recommended offers.

It's pretty important when buying anything to read the small print and of course understand it. This is of course especially important when it comes to buying medical insurance. The product features documents that we intermediaries send our clients along with quotes, reports and terms of business etc. are documents that tell you about all of the insurers plan features - remember then that they include all the features not just the ones you've chosen via your discussions with me - so there may be things described on these pieces of literature them you haven't got. For example, if you buy medical insurance without an excess, the product literature will still cover all about the insurers range of excesses and how they work (the documents are of course general purpose and not bespoke to each individual client) but unless you tick the box on the application form to have an excess you won't have one - these then are optional features.

So if you're ever not sure what I have priced for you or what options you've chosen you have just to ask me and I will confirm exactly what product you have in detail.

In a similar vein, if you ask me for something you're going to get it - so if you tell me that price is the over-riding issue then I won't add in lots of little product features that increase the basic cost. As mentioned above, I tend to give clients what they ask for rather than engaging telepathy - so the best course of action is to read through the information that you receive and double check if you're ever unsure of which bits of plan benefits you have.

I'll talk about these issues a bot more in the next episode of PMICast due later this week but wanted to just outline this important issue on the blog today.

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