Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Summer hiatus for podcast is over ... episode 54 is now available

As regular readers of the blog and listeners to my podcasts will know, my weekly podcast : PMICast which covers all aspects of the medical insurance industry takes a break over the main holidays (Christmas and the Summer in particular) when the pressures of both work, family and recording podcasts inevitably come into conflict.

So rather than soldier on recording in small bursts or late at night I take a break and return when things settle down (i.e. the kids are back at school). With this in mind I m pleased to announce that PMICast is formally back with a long (20+ minutes) episode catching up on some key issues for the end of summer. The last recording was in mid July so I've had a 7 week gap but am now back (hopefully) on the usually weekly schedule.

As always this episode includes news, PMI product tuff and of course some introducer based content. You can listen to it on line here : alternatively it will be available from iTunes later today and all the usual places (Sticher and so on).

Make sure you check it out and if you have any comments please post here or e-mail me at

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