Friday, 26 September 2014

General catch up for Friday

Just a general catch up for this week.

There are two new podcasts to listen to this week.

There the new PMICast - the only UK medical insurance podcast and also my 'rant' podcast 'Afternoon Train' where I talk about anything that tickles my fancy.

Make sure that you try them out - you can find both in the PMICast stream on iTunes and at


If you're interested in karate in Leeds there are two 'Premier' clubs to try - there's our Yeadon club in LS19 - we train twice weekly at 6.00pm for 90 minutes on Mondays and Wednesday. I am the Assistant Club Instructor working with Sensei Michael Tattersalls (6th Dan) and would be happy to answer any initial questions you might have.

If you're over the other side of Leeds, Sensei Tattersall also runs the 'Halton' side of the club (in LS15) on Tuesday and Thursdays at a variety of times depending on grade. He has also recently re-located the Halton Dojo in his new Leeds Premier Karate and Fitness Club - a custom kitted out facility with new gym due to open soon. Check out for more details.

Karate-wise we are a shukokai style with the emphasis on powerful, effective techniques with lots of fitness, kata and sport fighting - really something to suit everyone from 6 to 90 (?)

Contact me or Sensei Tattersall for more info.

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