Thursday, 25 September 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy blog post .... (actually a post about business conduct and my latest podcast)

Apparently to get hits on your blog you need to cynically link in to some hit movie or Apple device so the title to this blog post is my attempt to do this.

Two things I wanted to discuss, although in my opinion GotG is the best Marvel movie so far and enormous fun - highly recommend both the movie and the 'Awesome' mix tape soundtrack. Back to business....

As I'm typing this blog post I am also uploading the new episode of PMICast - number 56. Back to the weekly schedule although I really must apologise for my nasal and congested voice performance - I'm full of cold this week but did still want to get an episode out so please bear with my nasal ramblings.

This week I cover off a lot of ground for both introducers and more generally on PMI and it it wasn't for the voice it would be a good episode I think.

So please track the new ep down on iTunes - search for PMICast or stream on-line at

I also wanted moan about lack of simplicity in business practice - I grow weary of doing everything twice because people cannot be bothered to tell you they've changed an e-mail address for the submission of new business or even worse, someone doesn't bother to scroll down all the way to the bottom of a document to find the information they need to complete something. Why should I re-send the info, spend 30 minutes trying to track it down and then re-type an e-mail I sent three months ago.

Companies should create simple, robust processes that work for people and then stick to them - doing things twice and constantly having to chase everything that isn't done when people say it is drives me nuts !

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