Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Focus on your business

As an atheist and skeptic I am generally not greatly moved by old adages and home down wisdom but every now and then life comes along and pulls the rug from under you.

There is a saying about people needing to focus on their work and in times of stress or difficulty you need to do your best work under pressure when you least feel like it and over the last few weeks I have discovered a little of this for myself.

As my business builds I find myself as busy as I ever have with both existing clients, new business and my on-going work with introducers plus the usual marketing and social media work. However we have had two recent deaths in the family and not to be a martyr it is a challenge to carry on 'as usual' when needing to support the family and be available for funerals and other issues as required.

It brings home the need to be focused, organised and of course fit in odd bits of work late in evenings or over weekend to catch up and so on.

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