Thursday, 8 May 2014

This weeks episode of PMICast is now up and live

I have just recorded and posted the latest episode of PMICast - the only UK medical insurance podcast to iTunes and it should be on your pod catcher of choice shortly.

There is exciting news on a new capability for my clients and also comment on various business news stories. Please download and enjoy.

If you'd like to comment or become a client (as I mention in the 'cast) please e-mail me on : or

Stream the 'cast on-line at :


As an aside if you're a regular reader of the blog you'll know that I have been posting about my pending change from IOS to Android. I finally decided to move to a Galaxy Note 3 on Three (unlimited data etc) - the device is due to arrive today and I've allowed a month remaining on my old contract with the iPhone 5 so that I can transition across smoothly to the new system/device. My mobile number will not change (PAC codes working OK) and of course I will cover off the change in the final of three posts here in the next few weeks.

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