Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Feeding the beast ...

Have been quiet on the blog this week due to lack of time primarily, have a couple of things I would have like to get to but will make sure they get done here in coming days.

Very busy working with existing client renewals and also a range of new clients - as I've discussed here before as I am getting busier I am making sure the marketing push continues unabated - my experience is that taking your foot off the accelerator when busy means that weeks down the line the whole machine stops and the new business funnel ends up empty !

Wanted to also let you know that this weeks episode of PMICast is pending - time again ! Will be planning this evening and hopefully looking to record tomorrow. I also want to get the second ep of Afternoon Train (still not sure about the name !) recorded in the next few days too. So watch the PMICast stream (

I also have now gotten hold of my new android handset (still running the iPhone until the contract runs out in June) and will finish my three part blog post on the move over to Android in coming weeks.

Keep checking back in !

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