Thursday, 22 May 2014

The real world versus the 'not real world'

Some times it's all about mindset.

When you work for someone else regardless of your performance the pay cheque still comes through every month. Oh, I know that employees have targets, key performance indicators, deadlines but broadly if an employee does a reasonable job, turns up on time and so on they will get paid and subject to usual redundancy (and I've been made redundant three times) concerns they don't have to worry too much about paying for their mortgage.

As a self employed business owner you only earn what you generate yourself. So week in week out the process of marketing, chasing up, administering carries on regardless.

It can be frustrating how often people who do not understand the above seek to proffer advice on for example exploiting new markets or segmenting client banks. Sometimes they can fail to realise that the challenge is not spotting the opportunity or advising the client in the right way. Rather the problem is getting hold of the client in the first place. It is astonishing how infrequently people who do not have to forage for new clients themselves understand the complexities of doing so.

Cards on table, running a business advising clients requires as the primary skill set, not advisory or consultancy capability (although that is an important second skill) but rather the ability to find and acquire the client in the first place. Segmenting clients, targeting opportunities is actually the easiest thing in the world.

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