Friday, 27 December 2013

Working more closely with my IFA introducers

During the gap between Christmas and the New Year I am working on plans and strategy for 2014. One of the areas I am really keen expand and work on a little more is my relationships with my IFA and other introducers - people who pass me their clients to advise them on medical insurance.

I have many really good introducers and many more with whom I would really like to work more closely and in some more depth. I think one of the problems that I have had in the last couple of years is being busy simply 'doing' business rather than planning or expanding. Offering the service rather than increasing its scope if you like. So at the moment I am looking at ways of getting the message out better to my contacts and how I can be of even more assistance to them and their colleagues and of course clients moving forwards.

With this in mind I think the activity I will put into my introducers in 2014 will increase markedly and I will use this blog, LinkedIn and my podcast (PMICast on iTunes and at far more to both support my introducers and increase the scope of support and information I am able to offer.

So please keep coming back here and to my other on-line resources if you are one of my current introducers or if you are interested in working witha specialist health insurance adviser in the coming year year. You can contact me via the podcast email : or use Twitter - DM me at philknightPCH or localventure1 or just be old fashioned and call : 07792 075748.

Here's to a busy and profitable 2014.

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