Sunday, 8 December 2013

Hunger Games - Catching Fire

Seen the second in the Hunger Games trilogy today and was very impressed, clever and well thought out continuation of the original movie. Builds on the premise, which whilst not exactly original (Battle Royale anyone?) was certainly exciting. The sequel takes a more 'grown up' approach with all the protagonists older and if not wiser then more capable killing machines.

Great set pieces once we get into the hunger games proper (the deux ex machina to get the lead characters back into the game isn't necesarily the best thought out but begins to create a head of steam for the David versus Goliath theme that seems to be building for third film) and despite the slight plot hole in how Catnes escapades from the dome and is rescued, the slight twist at the end and off screen destruction of District 12 creates an effective ending and rationale for the trilogies culmination.

When an extra is taken outside in the first 15 minutes of the movie and shot in the head for raising his hand in protest you know you're in for something a little more brutal than average Hollywood fare. Both more thought provoking and exciting in than your average 'children's' movie.

Excellent pace, great acting and characters and enough action to keep the kids happy, except this really isn't a film for kids.

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