Thursday, 19 December 2013

Apple OS issues

I'm using iOS 7 on all my mobile devices and Mavericks OSX on both my Apple Macs (one iMac and a MacBook Air) and I'm having massively different experiences.

On my iphone 5 the battery life varies widely but as I've gotten into a routine I am now consistently finding that an urgent recharge is required around 3.00pm as power plummets below 20%. This is as a result of using location services which kills power usage. However, given the range of apps I'm regularly using switching off all location using things simply isn't an option. Long story short iOS 7 is less power efficient in everyday usage for me. To be fair though I must say that I use the device constantly each day from phone to email to podcasts and everything inbetween but there is certainly a massive difference from iOS 6.

The bane of my life though at the moment though is OSX Mavericks. It has totally bunged up my iMac and made it virtually unusable. The computer slows down especially using Mail and any MS Office for Mac apps and can be virtually unusable at times. Every other day it requires a total system reboot which in itself causes problems as the damn thing doesn't always reboot successfully and around 25% of the time I have to safe boot and reinstall Mavericks - total nightmare.

Ironically my MacBook is thriving under Mavericks - it's working faster and the battery time (from a six month old newly installed battery) on a full charge has from 90 minutes to over four hours solid working time now.

It's a real hodgepodge of an experience and frankly I'm not that impressed by the consistency of the two new systems compared to their historical counterparts - I'm giving Apple six months to sort out their .1 updates on both iOS and OSX.

Just don't get me started on the new version of Pages and Numbers - what a steaming load of bull poo ! Anything that makes MS Office look good has to be awful.

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