Wednesday, 16 March 2016

#oneeyeddog - an update

Life is busy, then you die.

At the minute I'm pretty snowed under with work in a good way. I'm also busy at karate with paperwork from the club as we have a few new members and a grading pending at the weekend. To cap it off my little, one eyed dog : Jasper has been poorly again in the last 24 hours so just had to make time to get him to the vet to get sorted out.

Always the way and I'd rather be busy than not, especially as it can help to take your mind off the problems.

I posted here about my dog a few weeks ago and please feel free to go back and have a read and look at some of the cute (and not so cute) pictures I posted at the time. Unfortunately with chronic cardiac failure we are now in the end game for him so every day is precious. His breathing has been failing and getting harder but fortunately in himself he is still in good form. The vet is happy to up his medication to help out with the short term problem and hopefully we can have him back to normal in a day or so - fingers crossed.

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