Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Changing the way we work, physically

People who know me well will tell you that as well as working hard I like to train hard, keeping fit and healthy is as important to me as working hard and being successful. Over the years I have tried to combine both pursuits, obviously with a range of success.

One of the drawbacks of having an advisory/largely sedentary job is obviously the amount of time spent at a computer screen which cuts down on physical activity during the working day and early evenings. I have tried to make my day healthier by stopping regularly for breaks and also walking rather than driving for more local chores over the last year or two. This has enabled me to, fairly successfully, embed fitness into my working day as well as my social life.

One change I am also trying at the moment is to adopt use of a 'standing desk' workstation. As I work from an office in my home it is relatively easy to create a suitable area. In fact I've been able to create several areas at the right height both in my office and also around my home to allow for a 'change of scenery' as well if I'd like.

I did some reading on the subject of standing desks and use of multiple workstations plus also the opportunity to sit and work 'as usual' are all recommended so as to end up with the right balance of increased movement whilst maintaining work efficiency. In actual fact I am finding that working this way is almost like doing a different job : working in a different place/position sometimes in a different room. It all mixes up the work day/flow and makes for more interesting and challenging day. I'm also finding that I can concentrate a bit more intensively - think it has to do with keeping moving more and then when I do sit down (as I usually do for more intellectually intensive tasks) I am more focused, wanting to get straight on with the job and finish as quickly as possible to move on to the next thing.

At the moment I am using temporary desks and other means to increase the height of my laptop for example but I am planning to revamp my office in the not too distant future and a permanent standing desk is definitely on the cards.

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