Friday, 18 March 2016

New office set up

On the basis that a tidy desk signifies a tidy mind I spent an hour I didn't have on Monday clearing my desk and doubling down on a new paperless office system.

Here is the result :
Mac-Tactic tidy office layout - March 2016
It is a slightly more spartan working environment but being tidy just helps.

I also have a space with no work station in the office for me to simply sit and consider business issues quietly, a much over-used phrase at the moment is 'mindfulness' but sometimes I'm finding it invaluable to just use five or ten minutes to plan an approach to a problem or situation that banging away at computer keys simply doesn't work for.

Mindfulness Zone - 2016

The new workstation has been a challenge insofar as I have gone from a hybrid workflow system part paper and part computerised to a wholly task manager software based system and am still losing the odd 'to do' item as a result - nothing important so far but will need to keep on top of it.

The best thing, apart from the inherent tidiness of it all is coming back to the desk from a client or introducer visit and not having to root through the usual mess of paper and bits and bobs of rubbish inhabiting my office.

A tidy desk is indeed indicative of a tidy and well organised mind.

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  1. I couldn't agree more about the psychological effect of a clear and tidy desk. We all need a space in which we can think creatively. Together, tidiness and mindfulness make a powerful partnership. In an office environment, pounding a keyboard is often mistaken for genuinely productive work. Whatever name you give the process, taking some time to clear your mind before you start on a job pays dividends, as you have found.

    Raymond @ CKS Global Solutions LTD