Thursday, 3 March 2016

Brexit - post one

What is the Localventure position on the departure of the UK from the EU and the forth-coming referendum on the 23rd of June ?

Well I hate to disappoint because as it stands I have absolutely no idea. As a left of centre, libertarian leaner I suppose that I am instinctively in favour of staying within the EU but at the moment I simply do not have the data set to enable me to take a fully informed position.

My plan therefore is to listen to both sides of the argument, paying particular attention to not just politicians but rather those academics and professionals actively involved in the process to find out the facts and figures, pro's and con's etc. and then make an informed decision based not on ideology or polemic but rather based on evidence and cogent reason.

I'm sure this will not be the last post I make on this subject and hopefully in the coming weeks and months both myself and my readers will be able to make an informed choice, right for business and the UK more generally.

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