Monday, 22 February 2016

Twitter for my business

I am a big fan of Twitter and use it regularly for both personal and business use.

However, I would like to actually earn money from time spent on Twitter - unlike this blog and my Podcast (click to listen) where I know for a fact over the years I have found and taken on new clients as a result of content iIve put up on Twitter I can't isolate a single new contact or client I've received directly as a result of using Twitter.

If you research this subject on line (assuming you're not actually paying for ads) most people talk about engagement and breaking stories, creating a personality people can follow and so on - lots of intangibles that are pretty difficult to capitalise on, especially in a 140 character environment.

Where I have had some success it trying to tie in the podcast and this blog together into a coherent message and I suspect that leveraging Twitter will ultimately take the same kind of approach.

With that in mind could I ask readers of my blog to perhaps follow me on Twitter and when they have chance to re-tweet my posts if they think they are of interest.

The main accounts that I use are :

@localventure1 - this is my main work and personal account (so you'll get a feel for my personality there if nowhere else. As it's my main personal account I only follow 20 people in whom I have a special interest to please follow me there but you won't get a follow back.

@localventure2 - this is my general work account - follow me here and you'll get one right back straight away.

@whisky1 - this is a second general business account from a previous business venture that I keep going as I have a couple of thousand followers there - follow me here and you'll definitely get a follow back too.

So hopefully you can find me on Twitter and follow me to keep up to date on my work and home stuff.

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