Thursday, 11 February 2016

IFA's, use your own PMI cover as a test case before working with me

Phil Knight - 22 years PMI experience

IFA's and other professionals - when did you last review your own PMI plan?

My name is Phil Knight and I have been advising IFA's, general brokers and accountants on medical insurance matters since 1994. Five years ago I set up a specialist advisory practice advising high net worth individuals and small companies on a range of healthcare products : private medical insurance, dental and hospital cash plans, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP's) sickness absence and health surveillance.
Having worked with advisers for the best part of 20 years I made the decision to solicit business almost exclusively from professional introducers like yourselves. The following brief article explains why asking me to review your own medical insurance might give you some context and confidence in going on to recommend my work with your clients, plus of course you might save some money on your own cover as well !

As you might know I work with a range of Independent Financial Advisers and other professionals helping them and their clients with medical insurance matters across the UK. At the moment I work closely with around 25 practices across the UK with a similar number passing me cases on an ad hoc but regular basis. I aim to be the most prolific and professional healthcare adviser working in this way with professional introducers and you can find details of my work and credentials here on my blog, on Linkedin and more generally on the internet if you simply Google my name and the phrase 'PMI' or 'medical insurance for IFA's'

If we haven't worked together before I am of course asking you to take a leap of faith in working together. However if you haven't looked at private medical insurance (PMI) for a while can I suggest that you might use your own group or personal medical insurance as a 'test case' with me. I would be delighted to review your existing cover and sanity check the pricing/benefits as I would for any client and report back on all aspects of the case.

Medical insurance can be a complicated area of advice and many advisers often neglect their own cover, usually because of time constraints. I'm happy to look at the cover for you and come up with a recommendation that might save you money or enhance your benefits. I work with both companies and high net worth clients so regardless of how your scheme is set up I can offer cogent, no nonsense advice.

As a general rule I would say that if a PMI plan hasn't been actively reviewed for two or more years then an urgent look is required to ensure plans are up to date and the price/benefits still suit you or the client.

Using yourself as a test case has two advantages : first you receive a free, comprehensive review of your own cover but importantly you will also get a flavour of the advisory path I might adopt with your clients and can gauge my professional, transparent approach and judge whether my support might work for some of your clients as well.

If you'd like to chat through your own or any other case please feel free to contact me. You can also catch up with me here on my blog (where there are numerous posts that might be of interest), on Twitter I am @localventure1 and via my website as below.

I look forward to catching up and possibly working together in the future.


Phil Knight
Independent Healthcare Consultant
(Part of Premier Choice Group, FCA No. 312878)
T. 07792 075748

Quick update to this post

I have just recorded an episode of my medical insurance podcast : PMICast you can listen to it by clicking this link or searching on iTunes or your favourite pod-catcher for : PMICast.

The podcast covers of in a bit more details information in this post so the two are intended as companion pieces if you can stand the sound of my voice that is !


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