Thursday, 18 February 2016

Increases on medical insurance tax

If you have existing private medical insurance then as a result of tax changes to insurance premium tax in the recent budget your tax burden has increased by 58%.

Did you know this ?

When I come across a client who was unaware of this or has not had a recent review of their cover, whether they are an individual or a company purchaser, I recommend that we have an informal and confidential discussion about their options. Not that moving insurers is necessarily the right option but older plans can be overpriced to begin with (not even taking into account the tax increase) and we may well be able to help by putting in place better cover at a lower cost.

At my specialist medical insurance advisory practice I keep my clients in an informed position and have many options to suit clients with a transparent, whole of market reach and approach.

I don't just 'quote' for clients, I advise and consult ensuring their cover meets their needs now and moving forwards. My service is on-going and as such i am there throughout the life of their plan to support and guide.

If you'd like a review of any existing plan just drop me a line at : or call me on : 07792 075748