Monday, 7 December 2015

Smart Phone Flip Flop

At the moment I am flipping between two phones. The iPhone 6 Plus and the LG G4.

I've had the iPhone since last December and used it pretty much continuously until the LG arrived in October. However the LG only lasted as my day to day driver for a couple of weeks before I switched back to the iPhone and IOS.

I really love both devices as pieces of tech but at the moment I'm loving the simplicity and ease of access of IOS. Having been an IOS user since the iPhone 4 and  the original iPad I am definitely at home in their eco-system. As far as Android goes I have dabbled over the years but the LG is the first up to date smart phone on Android I've used consistently.

On Friday evening I switched my main sim over from the iPhone to the LG to give it another go. The thing I like best about the LG is the screen - it's an IPS Quantum display and is simply brighter and clearer than the iPhone - that's the primary thing that has pulled me back to the LG, even with the iPhone on full brightness it's just so sharp or near to the surface as the LG. The other thing is that the LG camera is brilliant both to use and to update - slightly better images than the iPhone, more options and much easier to update live to flick or google photo's.

So at the moment I'm rocking the LG G4 but will probably switch back to the iPhone in a day or two - nice problem to have, two of the best smart phones out there !

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