Thursday, 26 November 2015

Working with introducers to my business

I have written on this blog before about the technical process and why's and wherefore's of working with IFA, General Brokers, Accountants etc within my medical insurance practice.

I've never covered off (in any real detail) why I like to do so. At its most basic it is a realistic way of attracting new clients to my business in a time efficient and effective manner. Although I give up commission to all of my introducers, in each case, a client they send over to me is added to my portfolio with no other real acquisition costs. This means that as opposed to say telephone marketing I find working with introducer a solid and efficient way of earning a living.

However, why do I actually enjoy working this way ? The simple answer is that since 1990 I have been ingrained with the idea that independent intermediaries (of which I am of course now one) are the best way for clients to receive advice. I began working in financial services as an IFA in 1989 but then moved over to the insurer side working for first life companies (in 1990) then medical insurers (in 1994). At each turn I have worked to support IFA's, general brokers and medical insurance specialist intermediaries in their advice to clients.

I firmly believe that all things being equal it is always better for the client to receive an independent market assessment and write business via an independent broker. That is the basic underpinning of what I do for clients now and more than that, having worked with IFA's both as my clients and now as business partners I like them. They are generally hard working and insightful individuals whose job is far harder than most people can ever understand.

If by my efforts I can make their life a bit easier, help them financial and support their clients on medical insurance matters then I think it is a rewarding and pretty cool way to make a living.

If you're an IFA or other professional advisers who'd like a hand with medical insurance just get in touch - always happy to help !

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