Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The After Effects of Training

I'm 45 and have been doing a variety of training since very young : swimming, karate, weights, running, badminton and so forth.

In 2010 I restarted karate training and found it reasonably hard to get back up to a good level of fitness and now train for two hours twice a week) along with running three or four times a week if I have time. Generally I run two or three miles during the week and then six or seven if I go out on the weekend.

That said I am still 45 years old and recovery time following exercise is definitely longer (and more uncomfortable) than it used to be, although I do find that during training I don't have any problems.

This morning was a case in point. Woke up this morning and felt like someone had been kicking me in the base of the spine. This is really unusual and the pain was much worse than I'd expect following a training session normally. Took several ibuprofen and four hours before my spine felt more or less back to normal.

Then I remembered, I had been kicked in the spine several times during training last night (silly exercise involving roundhouse kicks in a circle of students) - was relived that I'm not actually getting old as fast as I'd thought.

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