Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Slap me on the head and call me 'Nancy'

In the past couple of weeks I have moaned and then crowed about Apple and Fitbit respectively.

Moaned about the big fruit because my Apple Watch, ordered the 11th of April was due to arrive with me between the 22nd and 29th of June. And praised Fitbit because of their exemplary service.

This morning I received an e-mail from 'Widget UK' saying my Widget UK order was due to arrive tomorrow. I assumed that this was my replacement Fitbit which I had confirmed as being processed a week or so ago. No mention of which product is being delivered though in the mail.

Yesterday morning my Apple Watch order changed from the above dates to dispatch between 17th and 24th of June - so a bit better but still disappointingly a way off.

This afternoon, just for the sake of doing it I checked my Apple Watch order again and bugger me if it isn't being dispatched for delivery between the 29th of May and the 1st of June. One assumes (there's that word again) that the above 'Widget' mail is the Apple Watch but it is really unusual not to receive a note from Apple themselves and have the delivery agent beat them to the punch. I suspect that my Fitbit will actually arrive tomorrow and then the Watch the day after.

Bit confused - too much new tech.....

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