Thursday, 21 May 2015

Props to old fashioned marketing/advertising

Walking up to my local town centre this afternoon I spied a new computer shop that has opened in place of a hair salon. This is good because we have bloody loads of hairdressers and barbers in Yeadon - about 15 at last count but no computer repair dudes.

Shop looks good, lots of cool gadgets in the window, seems quite friendly looking and had a the need for computery repairs then I would almost certainly try them out. Interestingly they had a little plastic leaflet dispenser attached the outside of the shop with some low cost photo-copied/printed handouts out their business. Thought this was a really clever idea, very cheap for them to do and made them stand out to me - in this day and age of a glorious social media it's nice to see a small local business interested in walk-in trade.

Thought it was worth giving them a shout on my blog as a result, here's their details :

Yeadon Computers, 6 Town Street, Yeadon LS19 7EQ - 0113 2508952.

If you need your pc repaired or upgraded or whatever in North Leeds give them a call.

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