Thursday, 29 January 2015

Why you should have private medical insurance

Today my wife is making a claim on our private medical insurance (PMI) plan.

It's a minor claim for a non-serious condition but it really brings home the value of the private medical insurance.

An appointment booked at a convenient time, greeted in a friendly manner on arrival and kept informed of progress at each stage and importantly all aspects of the procedure explained in detail.

As I type I am sat in a comfortable, single bed hospital room with toilet and wardrobe waiting for my wife to return from theatre. Oh, I'm drinking a hot chocolate (free) and using free wifi which frankly is faster than my own office wifi.

The NHS Would have done all this for us but it would have taken longer, been much more undignified and uncomfortable and caused far more disruption.

Click to buy your own medical insurance.

Happy to help you experience this if you ever need treatment.

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