Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Important changes to Linkedin and my You Tube Channel

Been another busy few weeks and having come back from holiday at the weekend there are no signs of change.

However I am keen to work harder and more effectively on my marketing and client support. With that in mind I am planning to revamp a few things.

The PMICast podcast will evolve and change - more on that in coming weeks.

I've already started to overhaul my Linkedin profile - see more about that by checking out my Linkedin page - uk.linkedin.com/pub/philip-knight/1a/b47/58b/
I've already updated the background, added a better image picture and changed the website links so they firstly describe what they do but also actually work !

I am also planning to re-launch and update my You Tube channel to make it both more professional and also useful to clients. Hopefully I can also popularise PMI a little bit more and get a few more hits in the process. As it stands I have a few plans and will update on th blog as we go, in the meantime please feel free t visit the current Channel at : https://www.youtube.com/user/pkn439/videos

So the message as usual is to watch this space !

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