Thursday, 20 November 2014

Disgraceful reporting by Good Morning Britain over I'm a Celebrity

First of all can I start this post by sending condolences to the family of Craig Charles this morning. I found out overnight that the Red Dwarf and Coronation Street actors brother passed away yesterday at the age of 52 - I have been a fan of Craig for many years (as a life long SF fan and watcher of Red Dwarf from day one) and thus far he had been the highlight of this years I'm a Celebrity.

That being said I was outraged this morning when Good Morning Britain presenters Richard Arnold and Kate Garraway spent seven or eight minutes interviewing one of Gemma Collins TOWIE cast mates about her comedic departure from the show (I'm A Celebrity) yesterday. Having had a good laugh about that (literally) the follow up to that segment was to mention that Craig Charles was also leaving the program following the sudden death of his brother. That was it, no commiseration or discussion of his input into the show and then worse of all, they went back to laughing about Gemma. Garraway managed to get out a "very sad news" comment between guffaws but that was it. The story was largely ignored when it should have lead and the way it was treated was brutally insensitive and I hope none Craigs family was watching.

How is it possible that a death in the family should play second fiddle to an obese and talentless reality star who for four days did nothing but utter inanities.

I think it shows a level of unprofessionalism and journalistic poor judgment on the part of both presenters on GMB and the editorial staff. I would complain directly to them but of course, a reality TV star is always ratings gold and GMB can't afford not to pick up the floating TOWIE viewer.

This really is tabloid TV appealing to the lowest common denominator.

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