Friday, 3 October 2014

Top Gear departs from Argentina - we've managed to offend the Argentinians

According to (virtually) every news outlet, the Top Gear team has been hounded out of Argentina where they were filming a special.

There are a variety of reports mentioning the crew being stoned outside the airport and so on. What piqued my interest was the reporting of a Porches number plate being used in the program.

Here's a picture of the vehicle :

You will note the reg plate is : H982 FKL

The rumpus seems to be around the fact that the BBC took that vehicle into Argentina which obliquely mocks or is intended to mock with the phrase '1982 Falkland'.

That's fine, no one enjoys a bit of edgy comedy more than myself however, the executive producer of the program, Andy Wilman is quoted pretty much everywhere as saying the following :

"Top Gear production purchased three cars for a forthcoming programme; to suggest that this car was either chosen for its number plate, or that an alternative number plate was substituted for the original is completely untrue."

A bit like that statement is almost certainly untrue.

Hmmm, let's just consider that for moment. A TV program (which incidentally I always watch and enjoy), known for it's presenters slightly right wing, overly patriotic views, which has often been criticised for being jingoistic in the past took THAT reg plate into Argentina inadvertently.

Maybe it isn't Jeremy Clarkson who is responsible for the 'gaffe's' on Top Gear but rather the production team whose grasp on reality and credulity would provoke me to the following comment :

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