Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Superior Spiderman

Ok, so the idea of a mind swap in comics isn't particularly new or sensible.

The idea of killing off (?) the hero though and implanting the mind of his arch nemesis into his brain is pretty cool.

What's cooler though is having the hero turned villain then turn hero again as he struggles to inculcate himself into the life of his heroic counterpart.

Otto Octavius, or Doctor Octopus was always a villain who's mouth wrote cheques that his physical capabilities could never match and an adversary that Peter Parker defeated repeatedly sometimes with the minimum of effort. The run of Superior Spiderman, which recounts the journey of the self styled 'Superior' Spiderman from Parkers 'death' to his return in the new run of Amazing SM is all in all a pretty fun group of issues. Otto has lost the spider puns and gained a flair for winning by planning as opposed to relying too much on spider powers and native wit. He also calls everyone a 'dolt' which is pretty fun too.

All in all an excellent run, a little spoiled I thought by the goblin nation story line which distracted (my) attention away from Otto/Parker and more onto a fussy and prissy version of the Green Goblin whose main claim to fame is converted 'goblinised' followers. I haven't finished the run yet on Marvel  Unlimited but am about to embark on the critical 30th issues and can't wait.

So suspend disbelief (it is a guy with radioactive powers who has been in his mid twenties since the 1960's) and enjoy !

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