Tuesday, 7 October 2014

24 Hours in Police Custody

Watching the first two episodes of this Channel 4 docu-series on 4OD (WTF broken web and Android apps BTW !!?!) and enjoying (if that is the right word for revelling in others apparent misery) it immensely.

However, extremely concerned with the casual sexism and swearing employed by the boys in blue. Given that this is clearly going to be toned down (because the police participants know they are being filmed) Seeing a sergeant in the domestic abuse team flirting/bantering with his WPC colleagues engaging in 'knob gags' seems both insensitive and inappropriate. This happens in episode 2 about 15 or so minutes in to the program.

Personally I love swearing, banter and knob gags for my sins but I would never do any of that at work and importantly I am not a public servant in a department primarily targeted at protecting women from abuse by men - the mind boggles.

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