Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Dr Who - Series 8 'Caretaker'

I have made no secret of my disappointment with this series about Dr Who.

Time and again Capaldi hovers on the brink of greatness.
Capaldi on the brink
But then the writers add in a ridiculous or non-sensical plot conceit and the reality of just how poor the stories this season have been comes flying back in and I feel like weeping.

This episode is however a classic for quick fire banter. Capaldi and Coleman are on fire with their mastery of one liners and ascerbic comment. Danny Pink even (finally) gets something to do and we have some development of Clare and Danny's relationship that (kind of) makes sense.

Oh, but then there's the story. It's - you guessed it - another bloody robot. The weirdest, cheapest looking killer robot it has been my misfortune to see. It was like seeing the love child of Metal Mickey and Twiki writ large. Who cares, I will say it again, Steven Moffatt... WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT ROBOTS.

They do not make good villains, they have no emotions or character, they are not scary and we do not care.

The sad thing is that next weeks episode looks pretty dull with another space based near Earth romp that has been done a million times. Looks like we're back to episode 2 of each season which is a future space story where nothing happens but we're actually halfway or more through this season - when is something meaningful going to happen ?

Ho hum.

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