Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Welcome back to work

As readers will know I've been away on holiday for a few weeks and in that time period I haven't blogged at all and only put a few non-business items up on @localventure on twitter.

I am however back this week and hope to begin blogging more regularly again as work settles back down and we begin the pull towards the end of 2014.

Whilst I was way I asked Roger Edwards from the MPAF podcasts to write a guest post for me covering off his love of business podcasting and giving some insight into the genesis of his podcast project. You will find this post immediately below this one. So please do read over Rogers comments and make sure you listen to his new podcast. You will find a link to his webpage at the bottom of his post and also an on-line streaming link to my interview on MPAF a few weeks ago to the right of this post - click and listen from here !

Lastly, PMICast will be back next week - watch out for news here and in the Twitter feed.


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