Monday, 18 August 2014

Mac Mail finally working again

After nearly a year of using Mavericks on my two Macs, yesterday after much effort and many hours of googling and adjusting settings in preferences I have managed to get Mac Mail working properly.

Initially on downloading and installing Mavericks on release in 2013 I had the same problem as most gmail users that mail wouldn't replicate from the google properly and as a result, overnight I'd had to stop using Apple mail client almost completely.

However the main problem I had was a work related issue where my outlook server wouldn't accept the password on my new Mac Book when I tried to set it up on mail in April earlier this year. The account had historically worked reasonably well on my older iMac. I realised yesterday that one setting in the advanced interface on the Mac Book was wrong and when adjusted to be the same setting as the iMac, magically everything started working perfectly. In addition I discovered that in the intervening time period gmail has started working across the Mac system as well so my e-mail folder system has now replicated across both gmail and my two macs.

Trouble is of course now my work flow sits predominantly in gmail, aside from sending client e-mail - so need to come up with a system that uses both apps to the most advantage.

Phew - good things come to he who waits !

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