Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Read an article this morning ...

I read a piece this morning from a health industry website this morning.

I rarely have time to sit and read the articles they produce although I do receive two or three link bait e-mails from them daily for some reason. This article piqued my interest as it purportedly aimed to discuss the ramifications of advances in information technology and its effect on business.

As a business person/entrepreneur and big fan of tech I was interested to hear the thoughts of the  guest blogger on this site.

However on reading the brief (3 paragraph) piece I was disappointed. I won't embarrass the author by naming them in this post but in essence the writer told us that the internet was invented 25 years ago, employees can't get away from being on-line and sometimes answer e-mails out of hours and this is a bad thing. Oh and only 14% of people plan to see themselves working in a traditional office environment in the future.

Frankly there is so much more to talk about in terms of tech and work/employment - and I've already written the same amount as the writer just moaning about his piece - what about the effects of tech and the time saved in travel both for meetings and home worked, are employees more or less happy, did people ever want to work in an office in the first place and so on ?

I'm slightly frustrated by seeing this kind of low end, non-comment as I did discuss writing blog posts and creating a podcast for this outlet with them a couple of years ago and nothing ever got off the ground. In some ways it seems to me, reading some of their output that they are in fact simply producing content for the sake of doing so to generate hits to create ad revenue.

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