Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Update blog post

There is not one but two podcasts in the PMICast stream ( First of all there is the usual weekly PMICast. This is episode 53 and it's the final one prior to me going away on holiday on the 24th. It's a slightly abbreviated version this week due to it being a bad week time wise but it has vital updates on a couple of issues so it's definitely worth a listen.

I've also uploaded a new episode of my personal non-business podcast : Afternoon Train - this is a train of thought podcast covering off issues of interest to me : work, comics, TV, SF and so on - try it out.

As I mention in this weeks PMICast I am away on holiday from the 24th of July until 11th of August. Whilst I am away I am available on the phone and e-mail as usual :

07792 075748

I will be able to provide client reports as usual so if you (or if you're an introducer) need a report and review I will be able to work within my usual turnaround times for this and also any issues or problems that may arise.

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