Monday, 7 July 2014

My pending appearance on Roger Edwards podcast : MPAF now has a date : 22nd July 2014

I recently recorded an interview with old colleague and industry raconteur and wit : Roger Edwards, ex of Bright Grey. His new podcast covers innovation and inspiration in the protection insurance industry. Roger and I spent  very enjoyable morning last week catching up and recording an episode of his new Marketing, Protection and Finance (MPAF) podcast. The focus of the discussion is primarily around my own PMICast podcast (on iTunes and and how it slots into my business model. Plus how I aim the podcast towards my two main client demographics : PMI purchasers and also professional introducers.

The podcast is due to go live on the 22nd of July (here's a link to the webpage : but MPAF is also available on iTunes and I recommend a listen when you have chance.

I'll comment further as the podcast comes available but please watch out for it.

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