Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Podcast news

I have just recorded and uploaded this weeks episode of PMICast.

This one features a piece on medical insurance renewal pricing and also my on-line marketing resource for introducers.

If you're remotely interested in medical insurance make sure you check it out on iTunes or www.pmicast.podbean.com


In related podcast news I was recently interviewed by Roger Edwards : renowned industry personage and public speaker for his new MPAF (Marketing, Protection and Finance) podcast. You can catch the first couple of episodes at www.rogeredwards.co.uk/mpaf/ and from Roger I understand mine is due to go live in a few weeks (he is recording in advance and then publishing to his preferred schedule - getting a few podcasts in reserve).

Roger is an old industry acquaintance of mine from RED ARC days and as we chatted in preparation for and then after the podcast we've discovered mutual interests in podcasting, tech, SF and fitness - I think this comes across in the podcast (when available) as we cover off the origin story and inception of PMICast and my thoughts behind using it to promote my business. We really could have prattled on for hours.

Really enjoyed recording with Roger, hope you all enjoy the show and I will confirm details when it goes live.

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