Friday, 22 November 2013

Working with professional introducers

My podcast this week was on the subject of working with professional introducers and focused mainly on how to come up with the right kind of client to refer to my practice so I can advise them on medical insurance. The 'cast looked at segmentation/lead generation both in the personal and corporate space.

In addition this week I have also send out my November marketing missive to my IFA and Accountant mailing list of current and prospective introducers with some additional information on how my work can be for the benefit of both their clients and the financial status of their practices.

If you are a new reader to this blog as a result of either the sales e-mail or the podcast earlier this week then welcome. If you would like to consider working with me I would be happy to be of assistance.

One of the key issues I like to stress at the initial point of developing a relationship with a new introducer is building credibility. By this I mean that I understand that a new introducer really has no idea who I am or what my capabilities are. In this respect I stress two things. Firstly I'm always happy to have an initial chat on the telephone - this way we can see the cut of each others jib, so to speak. In addition I think it is immensely important to develop an effective footprint and strategy on-line. Although this isn't definitive, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and blogs/podcasts like mine give people new to me an important chance to get to know how I work in advance of considering if we can work together.

With the above in mind, please feel free to contact me on : and I would be happy to send you on to any of my on-line resources or arrange an initial telephone meeting.


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