Thursday, 28 November 2013

A dose of the ManFlu

Well it's been around two years since I had a proper cold but I sat in a meeting on Monday evening and felt it all starting - pounding head, blocked nose and sore throat tightening up and then like a fool did a full 90 minute karate workout yesterday evening, aided by performance enhancing Nurofen. The net result is of course I feel pretty lousy today and have been working at less than 75% of capacity today. This is of course why I've just finished my normal days work (at 7.30pm) and am now typing up a quick blog post - I really could have done everything I did today in around five normal work hours but I just had to do the work out and make myself poorly.

Still the main benefit of being 'poorly' is an excuse for an early night - after I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here of course !


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