Saturday, 12 October 2013

Lovely new podcast episodes for you

Make sure you get over to and iTunes to find the latest podcasts from me.

There's PMICast the only podcast devoted to medical insurance in the UK. This is a regular weekly 'cast and at the moment there are 20 episodes from season 1 earlier in the year. Then another 9 beginning in September with the last landing on Thursday of this week.

PMICast usually gets uploaded on Tuesday mornings and covers a range of issues around PMI for clients and also for introducers. We get around 6,000 downloads a month and if you are interested in considering medical insurance for yourself or business or if you are an adviser who'd like some help the podcast should be of interest.


Then there is Where's Wilson - this is a fun SF and Fantasy podcast I host with my kids, Megan and Ryan.

There are 8 episodes so far and each time we take a fun and irreverent look at various SF shows and movies plus some comics and maybe a little bit of martial art too for good measure.

Where's Wilson has a couple of episodes in its own stream ( but the more recent ones are now in the PMICast stream too.

Why not search 'em all out and see what the fuss is about.

The new ep (number 9) of Where's Wilson should go live later today (Saturday 12th of October).

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  1. Just posted ep 9 of Where's Wilson at and also on iTunes - search for PMICast