Monday, 14 October 2013

Getting up that bloody hill

Had to take my car in to car hospital this morning to have it's gearbox fixed. The garage I use was recommended to me by a family member and wants to charge over £ 2,000 less than Audi so I'm fairly happy with the decision.

Unlike Audi however there is no courtesy car option, so I drove my car into Leeds this morning from Yeadon - 8.1 miles precisely (as I just discovered) and dropped it in there.

The calculation then is, taking a bus after 9.00pm would consist of around a 20 minute wait then a 35 to 40 minute bus ride home. Or running 8 miles which takes a total of 64 minutes - so in an ideal world it is only 4 minutes slower to run and so I did.

All went well until the 5.1 mile stage and the long pull up from Rawdon Crematorium up to the traffic lights that cross Harrogate Road and the start of Yeadon proper. When you drive up that stretch you really don't appreciate that it is a long steep 2 mile drag up hill - fortunately I regularly run three to five miles so the additional 3 miles didn't hurt that much but I did nearly stop at that one point which of course would have negated the run completely.

Now recovering to prep for 90 mins of karate tonight at 6.00pm - must be mad.


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