Monday, 12 June 2017

EDC Update for June 2017

Here's a photo taken just now of my current EDC :

So we have the following as of today :
  • Trusty Iphone 7 Plus in a Spigen 'Rugged Armour' case (no matter how rich you are, you still only have an iPhone - must be the best device in the world).
  • Apple Airpods
  • Credit Card sized leather wallet (£ 9.99 from a garden centre !)
  • Paracord bracelet with fishing line and firestarter
  • Victorinox 'Spartan' knife - compact and tidy, really good to have on hand
  • Leatherman Wave - actually illegal for carry/outdoor use in the UK without good reason (i.e. work) as it has a locking blade so when out and about I carry the Spartan.
  • House and Car key on a 'Fossil' leather strap -  belt loop hanging 
  • Apple Watch V1.0 for training, notification and of course - telling the time
  • Casio G-Shock G-SHOCK Men's Watch GW-7900-1ER - recent addition to the team. Wear this in rotation with the Apple Watch - like it on longer runs as the digits are easier to see when in motion. Good stop watch and light plus its solar powered. Suspect it might stop a bullet - it's that chunky !
  • Lastly, Fitbit Charge HR 2 - because I can't decide which fitness track to use I now wear two !
Looking at my last Every Day Carry update I posted here (which predates the Fitbit and the G Shock) I have since purchased the CRKT Journeyer and it is a solid little knife. I keep it in one of the bags I use on a daily basis (canvas messenger - same model as used by Jack Bauer circa early '24') as a back up item and I've moved the larger Victorinox Huntsman knife into a third bag (my cross chest small backpack) - this is a more practical outdoor knife that's useful to have on longer runs in case anything might happen.

Overall in terms of where I am on EDC I'm really enjoying the Spartan. A really useful little knife/tool to have on me at all times (I even transfer it into suit pockets when I go out on business now) which I use every day without fail. My only issue is the differential in utility between this and the Wave - I often have to go to my desk (where the Leatherman lives) and retrieve it to do a more involved job when the Spartan just isn't an option. With this in mind I've just invested in a Leatherman Style PS - one of their small skeleton tools - hopefully this in conjuction with the Spartan will see me for most domestic and out and about jobs. With my EDC I've been careful to comply with UK knife/concealed weapon laws which are strict and the Style PS actually has no blade hence the need to keep up with the Spartan or similar which is a smaller, legal non-locking blade.

I'm also rocking the AirPods - best £ 160 I ever spent - use them constantly now - once you get over the embarrassment of wearing them in public.

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