Thursday, 23 February 2017

What is a company handbook ?

Here's a brief guest post put together for me by a colleague : Mark  from Croner - a HR services company.


What is an Employee Handbook

Some companies have them, some don't. A majority have had them written many years ago and in some cases the policies are now out of date.

Whilst there are no specific employers' duties in respect of an employee handbook, the content should include set rules and guidelines the employer would like all employees to adhere to.

The handbook, unlike contracts of employment, is a uniform document that is issued to all employees regardless of position or job role.

The main purpose of the handbook is to define clear policies and procedures which reflects the ethos and style of a particular organisation and consolidate its organisational values.

When issuing an employee handbook, either in hard copy or online, the employer is providing all employees with a resource which can be easily referred to at any point by the employee.

The Employee Handbook is one of the most important tools for communication between employer and employee.

To find out what policies and procedures should be in yours, or if you have any concerns regarding your HR, you can call me on 07976948441 or visit Croner for more information and ask us how we can assist your organisation to streamline your HR

Mark Russell
Business Development Manager 

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