Friday, 24 February 2017

Reinvigorating the podcast

You can find my business podcast on iTunes by searching for 'PMICast' (other pod catchers are of course available and I'm registered with most of them). You can also listen direct here :

I launched the podcast some years ago and arrived at episode 68 a month or two ago but being honest have struggled because of work to find time to really get many episodes out. The problem is time but also getting content relevant and interesting enough (for me or listeners) to be bothered about recording an episode. At the moment I've got piles of ideas but still not a massive amount of interest. Thing is, I know it's something that I should still be doing regularly. It helps with profile and client/introducer acquisition and when on a roll can be quite fun.

I'm considering therefore changing the format of the podcast a little and seeing if I can find someone else to co-host the show with me. That would almost certainly mean I'd change the focus away from pure medical insurance onto more of a general 'about business/entrepreneurship' type affair. I have a pretty loyal band of listeners (several thousand listeners per month were regularly downloading it at it's height) and with some more consistent content it could benefit both my business and potentially also my co-hosts !

If you're interested in chatting about potentially working with me on this I'm happy to accept 'open auditions' from any one in the UK interested in the following topics - business, current affairs, insurance and possibly a bit of technology and science fiction (both personal interests) - an odd blend but it takes all sorts. If you have your own business then so much the better.

Call on : 07792 075748 or e-mail me : for more information or to discuss.


Phil Knight

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