Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Joys of Kitchen Design

Well it's only the end of day 2/beginning of day 3 of the kitchen re-model but already it feels like the wheels are coming off.

The situation is, I should say, not assisted by the fact that I am at home in my office trying to work whilst at the same time my dog (Jasper - see previous blog posts) has taken a bit of a turn for the worse and is not well at the moment.

What seems to have happened is that the sales person at the showroom who did all of the initial measuring has not fully taken into account the size of the corner pillars needed at the end of the main run of kitchen units to allow for silly little things like doors opening, you know, small details. He also it seems never bothered to take into account that gas pipes project from a wall and this (apparently) affects how far stuff like dishwashers stick out from walls.

Long story short, without moving some gas pipes (which may cost me several hundred pounds and of course delay the schedule potentially) or moving some stuff about which is in itself problematic as (the fitter keeps pointing out) the tolerances on some of the stuff we are fitting is pretty tight.

By the end of yesterday after being dragged away from work five or six times plus an emergency trip to the vet at 4.00pm I was pretty much ready for the fitters to leave. Then they called me down at 5.00pm for the discussion on the issues above and that took over an hour, with at the time no resolution. To finish the day off nicely Mrs Localventure had to come home from work early because she's running a temperature.

On a business learning level the interesting thing is that taking the night to mull on it I think we have a solution to the problem.
Just took a bit of time and distance from the immediate frustration of the problem I think - but should I really be coming up with them for the fitters ?

Shell of the gutted kitchen 12th april 2016 - Beginning of Day 2

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