Friday, 29 January 2016


My dog, whose name is Jasper was involved in a bizarre chain of events before Christmas that saw him getting a little scratch on his eye. He subsequently had his eyeball pop (very nasty and I imagine not much fun for him). Following an emergency trip to the vets and (ouch) £ 900 of surgery he had his eye removed and then immediately before Christmas he developed Pancreatitis and nearly died (again).

Post surgery Nov 2015
Well the good news is that he survived and despite being over ten years old (quite aged for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and having a heart condition (on four tabs a day for that) he is back to his normal self.

I have never shared any images or comment of Jasper on the blog and given this is a Friday and I like to do a bit more of a non business/light hearted post as we approach the weekend i though I would share Jaspers story and of course a one eyed dog is also very appealing.

It's interesting but we get stopped in the street when walking him far more now than before his eye injury with people cooing over him and of course wanting to know what happened.

Enjoy the pictures.

Sporting a Jazzy new jacket

Mans Best Friend

One Eyed Dog is pensive
he can see, but only half as well

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