Thursday, 25 May 2017

Learn Traditional Martial Arts in Leeds


Our new beginner classes start in May, June and July 2017 (Monday and Wednesday) at 6.00pm for 30 minutes.

Interested in learning traditional Japanese karate in a disciplined but friendly atmosphere ?

Marital Arts are a superb way to meet new people, get fitter, become more confident and for kids to learn respect and discipline.

We have spaces in our Monday and Wednesday beginners classes at Yeadon Westfield Infants School - LS19 7NQ, off the A65 in Yeadon, Leeds.

My beginners classes last 30 minutes and are fun but focused on teaching the basics to allow students from age 5 upwards to gain the skills and confidence to join my main class.

Syllabus is split into easier fun version for kids and full adult beginner syllabus.

Whether you decide to join the club or not, the first two lessons are always totally free.

Come and learn self defence and get fitter with an instructor with 37 years martial arts experience and black belts in two different styles of karate.

Contact Sensei Phil Knight for more information.

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