Monday, 30 January 2017

Don't worry about Donald Trump

Throughout the 2016 US Presidential debate we were all dismissing the misogynist, racist, ever so slightly facist elements of Donald Trumps personality on the basis that firstly he probably wouldn't win (oops) and then, as the Hilary CIA e-mail story broke and no one seemed bothered about him admitting sexual assaults on camera, on the basis that the checks and balances in place plus real life common sense would kick in and some of his more manic campaign trail promises would be diluted when he gained office.

Not so much so far !

You only have to look this weekend at the immigration and refugee omni-shambles that is on-going to understand that every thing Trump says or does is for real. It might be insane or illogical but if he says it he is considering doing it.

The silliest yet most sinister wall ever to be considered is going to be built. An edifice to his ego and momnumental lack of understanding that both the ladder and the tunnel have been invented.

This brings me to the point of my post. We've all seen this before. Who imagined that when Senator Palpatine ordered Annakin Skywalker to kill all the youngling that he might go on to make a good Emperor. Did the Senate really believe turning to a strongman dictator would improve human (alien) rights for the Galaxy ? Ask all those poor people on Aldaran - oh, wait a minute you can't. They were destroyed by the Emperors New Toy - a planet sized folly of a construct, created to bring 'peace and proseperity' to the Empire which had a fundamental design flaw.

See any parallels - who would have thought that Star Wars could ever become a parallel for modern America ?

Fortunately I live on a little frontier planet called Tattoine England - nothing could ever happen that could involve us in the Galactic Rebellion, could it ?

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