Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Brand new iMac, sort of ....

In April 2014 I got so sick of the slow down on my 2009 iMac that I finally snapped and spent £ 1600 buying a replacement. I'm typing on my current Mac and even after over two year it is still blisteringly fast has almost no issues and I see the spinning beach ball perhaps once or twice a week.

I do still use the iMac which sits on my desk behind the MacBook but mainly for light browsing and Netflix plus I won't install MS Word or Excel on my MacBook so I occasionally have to fire up a spreadsheet every now and then.

Last week though I was sat messing about with the iMac's settings and found a screen in 'About this Mac' that showed the iMac had four slots for RAM and two of the four were empty - at the moment it had 2 x 2GB of RAM on-board. Some basic research later and I discovered that I'd probably wasted my £ 1600 and new RAM could just be inserted into the old machine to improve it's performance.

Long story short I wanted to see what effect boosting the RAM might have. I bought 2 x 4GB of RAM from Crucial (for £ 36 !) and installed at the end of last week. Having gone from 4GB to 12GB very cheaply and with a very easy install it literally is like a new machine. Whilst not as quick as the MacBook it's still far faster than anything else we have in the house and i've been rocking it all week. Problem is though that my MacBook is still faster and cooler. I was thinking about upgrading to a new iMac though and to be honest I just don't need to bother at the moment - both machines are much faster than current entry level models anyway.

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