Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Kitchen update and the value of keeping your powder dry

Did I mention I'm having my kitchen remodelled ?

You may think it odd that over four weeks in I am about to moan about this again. Odd it is indeed for we were told going in that the kitchen, with no major building work required, would take around two weeks to complete.

However we are now well in to week 4 (worked commenced on the 11th of April) and as you can see below :

Something minor missing - oh yes, cooker and microwave !

One of these things is the odd one out - three cupboards, only two with drawers

The work is not even close to completion. In addition to stuff missing like (?) the cooker - three weeks without anything apart from microwave cuisine, cupboard door, cloakroom door etc but there's also a ton of snagging stuff - missing architrave, light wires dangling, plastering to finish, floor boards to re-lay or secure, broken kitchen tap, leak under sink, damage to some of the units to be repainted and so on - there is at least another two days of solid work to complete things to a reasonable standard.

They were supposed to deliver and install the cooker on Sunday - didn't turn up or tell us why despite two attempts to contact them and us waiting in all day, then this morning they texted to say are they  are in at noon - so no work this morning then.

Problem is (on top of the on-going inconvenience) they cannot come in on Friday because we are having the new floor laid (which incidentally has been delayed from going in today because of the general slowness plus the decorator who was booked for next week has now been delayed at least a week and probably two as a knock on effect.
So we are down to two and a half days (assuming they turn up this afternoon and Wednesday + Thursday.

In short I'm getting a bit miffed. Sure it will look good thought, eventually !

At the moment I'm not complaining though, planning to keep my powder dry and get them to finish as quickly and efficiently as possible - if there are further problems I will push harder and use things like this blog post as leverage to get things resolved. That and the fact I haven't yet paid for the fitting !

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