Monday, 13 January 2014

New Year, new blog posts

Well it's back to proper work now in the second full week of January. The first week back after the long Christmas and New Year break is, I always think a bit of a false dawn. Every one has to work in early January, all the bank holidays are over until Easter and the boss expects you to be there but everyone resents having to go to work and as such (in my opinion) not much really happens. With that in mind I think that this week is the first proper working week of 2014 now that everybody is easing back into something resembling normality.

So this week I'm back full steam with new marketing plans and longer hours !!!

If you're a new reader of this blog as a result of some of my recent marketing, hi and welcome. I run a specialist medical insurance advisory practice and use this blog, amongst other social media outlets to communicate with clients and others. Over the course of a few weeks you should get a feel for the blog and its purpose. In general I post on business topics Monday to Friday then and at weekends tend to focus on lighter issues.

Also wanted to point out that my medical insurance podcast : PMICast is back, hopefully tomorrow with the next episode of season 2. This one is a retrospective of 2013 to off things in 2014. You can find the podcast on iTunes (Search for 'PMICast') or at - there are around 35 back episodes for you to try out and if you're considering buying medical insurance or have a plan that could do with a review I would encourage you to check out the 'cast.

As an aside I've worked in medical insurance since 1994 and run my own advisory practice since the beginning of 2011.

If you'd like more information please e-mail : or leave feedback below.


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